monthly lab

Monthly Lab is a professional and supportive environment for artists to workshop a project. Our definition of a project is broad: any creative endeavor that requires the help of other artistic collaborators.
Projects can be an early draft of a full-length play for a playwright, a few scenes of a dream role for an actor, a Shakespeare play a director wants to adapt, a TV show premise a producer wants to workshop.


We gather once a month to workshop new or ongoing projects in New York City. (We’re accessible on Zoom, too.) Labs are generally held on the third Sunday of each month. Collaborators are invited to submit project proposal forms for each monthly lab. The Coven then selects projects and works with the project lead to cast, structure, and schedule rehearsals.

submission requirements

To submit a project, you’ll need to provide this information:

  • Type of Project (play, short film, adaptation, etc.)
  • Estimated Time Needed
  • Personnel Needs (directors, actors, etc.)
  • Character Breakdowns
  • Content Warnings
  • A Sample, Draft, Proposal of Project


Lab dates for 2024 To Be Announced!

past collaborators

  • Mallory J. Weiss: The Page Turners, Lights Out and Away We Go,
    A Murder of Crows Has Gathered Around the Streetlamp, THE CUBIC! a play in three parts, or x^3 + ax = b(lasphemy!)
  • Emily J. Daly: People Covered in Dirt
  • Miles Orduña: Lola, The Well
  • Conlan Carter: Pickles
  • Ryan Cooper: Must Play Guitar
  • Rebecca Etzine: Shiva Hamlet
  • Mallory Weiss and Ryan Cooper: Untitled Christmas Movie
  • Collin McConnell: The Tempest (adaptation)
  • Katharine Chin: Post Office Play
  • Riley Jo Payne: The Pigeon
  • Tori Ernst: Panagia
  • David Jaffe: Pining